HUMBOLDT USA (in production)

Humboldt USA is an experimental documentary about conservation, technological mediation of nature, and American environmental history.

In three namesakes of 19th century German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt – Humboldt County, Nevada, Humboldt Parkway in Buffalo NY, and Humboldt Redwoods, California – the struggle for environmental protection interweaves with technological alienation and climate collapse, in this experimental journey of American nature.

The film paints a far-ranging portrait of Americans using technologies to try to understand and respond to their rapidly changing environments. These interwoven, often-contradictory narratives raise the question: in the face of ecological collapse and increasing virtualization of life, how do the tools of the modern world change our relationship to nature?

Humboldt USA is fiscally sponsored by Maysles Documentary Center.

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Producer: Elijah Stevens

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